Membership Indemnity Clause

Application for membership also signifies your permission to the chamber to include your company in the distribution of facsimiles and e-mails, seminar information, advertising and other commercial materials, so that your company can take full advantage of the Chamber’s programs and services.

When an individual or business joins the Chamber, it is assumed that they do so for many purposes. Among these purposes is the right to receive and share information with other members. This sharing includes the opportunity to network, to solicit other members, and to be solicited by them. Therefore, as a right and privilege of membership, members may use the information in the member directory for those purposes. These rights and privileges are provided upon receipt of the membership application and payment and acceptance approval by the Board of Directors of the Matawan-Aberdeen Chamber of Commerce


I (on behalf of my company or organization, as its authorized representative, as set forth above; otherwise for myself individually, if no company or organization is set forth above) acknowledge and agree:

(1) That the information contained in the Matawan-Aberdeen Chamber of Commerce Member Directory (“Member Directory”) and website is solely for information purposes, and that no representation or warranty is made, and no responsibility is assumed as to the accuracy, quality, timeliness or availability (including, without limitation, “uptime” of the website) of any information provided therein; (2) That the Member Directory and web site are not intended to be a source of advertising, solicitation or business advice; to create any business relationship; or to substitute for personalized business advice; (3) That any listings or links in the Member Directory and website are not intended to be referrals or endorsements of the listed or linked members and entities; and (4) To indemnify and hold harmless the Matawan-Aberdeen Chamber of Commerce and its directors, officers, employees and representatives from and against any loss, liability, damage, cost or expense (including reasonable attorney fees) incurred or suffered as a consequence of any claim asserted against any of them related to or arising out of any listing of, or link to, the website of myself or my company or organization, as the case may be, in any Member Directory or website, or any other action taken by the Board of Directors in fulfillment of their obligations under the terms of the Matawan-Aberdeen Chamber of Commerce bylaws, including, but not limited to, expulsion of any member, whether an individual or an authorized representative of an entity that is a member. The foregoing acknowledgment and agreement shall survive any expiration or termination of my membership.