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Job Posting – Alcoeur Gardens – Housekeeping/Dietary

Duties Include: Assisting with preparing and serving breakfast for the residents


1. Clean common areas as scheduled.

2. When assigned, clean rooms as defined in the assistance plan.

3. Do laundry for residents as scheduled.

4. Report concerns or observations about residents to the supervisor.

5. Ensure a safe living environment.

6. Adhere to attendance schedule.

7. Wash windows in public areas as needed.

8. Clean public restrooms daily.

9. Deep clean all vacated apartments to prepare for the next resident. 10. Carry out other duties as assigned.


1. Adhere to and carry out all policies and procedures.

2. Report any on-the-job injuries to the supervisor before the end of the work shift on the day the injury occurs.

3. Establish and maintain constructive working relationships with co-workers, residents, families and visitors.

4. Maintain confidentiality of verbal and written information pertaining to residents, Community operations and personnel.

5. Promote community in a positive way.

6. Promote teamwork in providing services to residents.


1. OSHA-MSDS sheets and procedures

2. Fire and safety procedures

3. Food-handling regulations

4. Operation of kitchen appliances (dishwasher, garbage disposal, microwave, coffee maker, ice machine), office equipment (photocopier, telephone) and cleaning equipment (vacuum, carpet shampoo machine, buffer, etc.)


1. Heated/air-conditioned, well-lit Community with minimal barriers

2. Lifting, pushing or pulling up to 50 lbs., using proper body mechanics or available equipment

3. Bending or kneeling to perform cleaning tasks

4. Lifting arms above head to reach and clean shelves, ledges and windows

5. Use of chemicals in cleaning

Full Time or Part Time

Locations: 1126 Lakewood Road Toms River, NJ 08753 / 1288 Rt 34 Aberdeen, NJ 07747
How to apply: Email resume: / Fax Resume: 732-244-2831 / Apply Online:

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