Wonderful Variety of Vendors and Visitors For 17th Annual Expo in 2018!

The 17th Annual Expo was held on April 10, 2018, at The Reception Center at St. Clement from 5:30 pm – 8:30 pm.
The energy was palpable in the beautifully decorated Reception Center Garden Room and the large impressive Ballroom as vendors arrived with great enthusiasm to begin this annual event.  It was quite an impressive list of participants that represented numerous services and products for the benefit of both the business and residential communities.
Visitors could find clever promotional products and information at many tables while also sampling a Reiki treatment or massage at other tables or even experience the world of robotics at additional tables. It’s just a few examples of the offerings at the Expo.  Some visitors had the opportunity to learn from presenters from LegalShield/IDShield about Identity Theft prevention tips, BlueRock Energy about gas and electric bill savings for home or business, and ETT Women about networking techniques or even about the robots built by the Matawan Regional High School Robotics Team.
The vendors offered great insights into healthcare, childcare, senior care and holistic care, fitness, landscaping, non-profit programs, banking programs and financial advice, home safety and self defense safety, funeral care and services, promotional products, and jewelry, household goods, and clothing, phone communication, marketing and social media communication,  travel and real estate offerings, kids and family programs,  and about the chamber itself.
With a large campaign targeted at bringing in more people from the business sector and family sector of the local area, there was a noticeable shift in those that visited the various vendor tables during this year’s event.  Although we didn’t have the largest crowd compared to other years, those that came enjoyed the contact and opportunity presented to them as they visited each vendor and could spend time talking to them than prior years.

We are grateful to our sponsors and to the additional help during the Expo and to Suzanne Vreeland for providing these photos.  Enjoy the pictures!