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Guest Speaker Gloria Curilli’s BANKCODE Presentation Delivers at November Luncheon

The setting for our luncheon was at a rather unusual place for us, The Woman’s Club of Matawan’s clubhouse on Jackson Street.  It was a lovely, quaint large room that turned out to be the perfect setting for a luncheon and a great facility for the presentation by our wonderful guest speaker, Gloria Cirulli.  Gloria gave a most interesting presentation that involved techniques to help us hone up on our communication, negotiation and sales skills.  She shared some insights into the benefit of knowing how to understand the person to whom you are speaking so that they truly hear and understand your message. Through a system called BANKCODE, you learn to identify 4 personality types and characteristics associated to those personalities so that you can effectively reach them in your conversatiogloria-cirullin.  The tools in essence help you crack the personality code of your customer, client, family member, etc  so that they can listen and process what you are telling them. If you missed the presentation and would like to find out more about the code, please visit www.gloriacirulli.com and click on BANKCODE.

We want to thank the Wwomans-club-insideoman’s Club of Matawan for the use of their facility. Their clubhouse is available for all kinds of occasions.
Also the food provided by Trattoria Rustica – wraps and salad were delicious!
A special thank you to Linda Martin for preparing the luncheon, providing a colorful and delicious spinach stuffed pepper dish and the pasta salad as well.  Great job Linda!

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