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Whether you are new to the area, have an established business, or wish to expand your contacts in this area, the Matawan-Aberdeen Chamber of Commerce welcomes you.

The Chamber offers opportunities to market your business, network with fellow professionals, keep up to date on issues that affect your business, and become more involved in your community. We are a service and action organization, made up of business and civic members who invest in the well-being of the community. Members help support the work of the Chamber, based upon their resources, abilities, and interests, with a broad scope of opportunities to serve.

Membership Dues:

1. New Member – Business (1-4 Employees): $215 (+$35 one-time registration fee)
3. New Member Business (5+Employees): $270 (+$35 one-time registration fee)
5. New Member – Bank or Corporate Office: $375 (+$35 one-time registration fee
7. New Member – Non-Profit Organization: $90 (+$35 one-time registration fee)

To renew your Chamber Membership go to Matawan-Aberdeen Chamber Membership Renewal

If you prefer a paper application, download it here:

New Member Application 2024

Otherwise, use the online application form below.

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