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Voluntary Employee Benefits…What We Learned from Brian Fisher Allstate!

On Tuesday, March 7th during our at Mediterranean Chateau, we had not only a wonderful lunch sampling many of the Mediterranean Chateau favorite foods but also with a nice group of people, listened to a presentation given by Brian Fisher Allstate.  He introduced us to Doug Peterson who provided all of us with great information and insights about voluntary employee benefits that are available as supplementary options to employees.  Doug led the discussion and pointed out that Allstate is an industry leader in offering employees the chance to participate in their insurance plans through payroll deduction. Their programs which include Universal and Term Life, Disability, Accident, Critical Illness and Hospitalization, offer fixed rates and are portable.  Spouses and dependents are even eligible.
If you have any questions about their programs, please feel free to contact Brian or call Doug at 732-993-7663.


Cross of Glory Hosted 3rd Annual After Hours Gathering

It is difficult to believe that February is just around the corner and the pace in which the year already seems to be moving. Cross of Glory hosted its 3rd Annual After Hours Gathering and reminded us
that it is always worthwhile to slow the pace down a bit and enjoy the company of those around us.  On Tuesday, January 24th, we had that opportunity.
Several chamber board members along with other members both new and current came out for a warm welcome and some homemade food, desserts, lots
of networking, good conversation and a round of introductions from all that were present.
We had the opportunity to hear from the Pastor Gary and several of the members to learn about the services offered at Cross of Glory.
Special thanks to the group of volunteers that set up the food and beverages for all of us and to the students that helped during the night as well.